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    1. Give us up to 5 of your competitor accounts, that you want their followers to see your message. (We recommend using your competitors that have large followings and receive massive comments on their post. We will DM everyone who comments on those posts, as those are the most active followers.) or provide 5 hashtags (Think of hashtags your ideal customer or audience might use).

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    2. Write the message you would like to send. Short and sweet always works best. FYI, we only accept instagram links.

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    The top 10 common Questions and Answers.

    1. Q: Do you use my account to send out the DM’s?
      A: No, we use our in-house promo accounts to mass DM everyone.
    2. Q: How long does it take to complete an order?
      A: Orders are completed within 24-48 hours.
    3. Q: Can I promote my OnlyFans link or any other link in the message?
      A: No, we only allow Instagram links to be sent.
    4. Q: Can I send a picture or video with my message?
      A: Yes, just provide the Instagram post link of your video or picture.
    5. Q: Will my account get shadow banned?
      A: No, your account stays safe. We follow Instagram rules when sending out messages.
    6. Q: How do I know you guys actually send out DM’s to the amount that I purchased?
      A: We show video proof of your order, showing the total amounts of DM’s sent and show the Instagram accounts that received your message.
    7. Q: Who does the DM service work best for?
      A: Anyone who promotes entertainment, a business, service, or an online store can benefit from Mass DM’s, we can target any audience.
    8. Q: How do you target my audience?
      A: We use 2 methods
      1. We target through hashtags. Provide us any hashtag and we can send those users who used
      that hashtag a DM.
      2. We target through Instagram accounts. Provide us celebrity or popular accounts, and we can
      send their followers a DM. We can also DM people who just comment on their post, which is the
      most active people.
    9. Q: How do I know you won’t send DM’s to fake/bot accounts?
      A: We have over 25 filters that weed out the fake/bot accounts.
    10. Q: How does it work?
      A: Here are the steps
      1. Choose a DM package
      2. Provide us details on your campaign
      3. Check out
      We’ll get started with your campaign and start sending out the DM’s. Once your campaign is
      complete, you will receive a proof video of final deliver.